WWE Reveals the Reason For the Long Hiatus of Sami Zayn

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn has been facing heat in the company. The former Intercontinental Champion opted out of the TV tapings after WWE allowed their Superstars to do so. However, it seems that the WWE management didn’t appreciate Zayn doing so while still being the Intercontinental Champion.

The WWE officially stated that Zayn could not compete in the SmackDown, which is why they had to strip him of his title. They were vague and refused to divulge further. However, after Zayn tweeted out to show his disagreement, Vince, and the company, had to give a concrete reason.

WWE started using an ‘injury’ to explain Zayn’s absence on SmackDown. They posted a tournament preview this week and said that with Zayn out of action, the title is being held in suspension until the end of the tournament.

The Intercontinental Championship was referred to being “held in abeyance” in the preview for the Styles vs Nakamura match on this week’s SmackDown. They also highlighted the fact that Shinsuke will look to bring the title back to his stable, ‘The Artist Collective’, of which Sami is a member.

WWE’s plans for Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has been quiet since the injury announcement. No one knows when the Canadian wrestler will be back or if he will get a shot at the IC title when he returns.

As for the tournament, WWE will probably have Shinsuke Nakamura win it. Nakamura is a gifted performer. Unfortunately, the company has not used him enough. This seems to be the perfect time to change that by having him turn babyface.

This will be a smart choice in terms of storytelling. Shinsuke can give high-quality matches while Sami recovers from his supposed injury. After the pandemic situation becomes less threatening, they could have Sami return.

This can lead to a feud between the two, which will give SmackDown a great heel and a great face at the same time. SmackDown has been struggling with numbers recently, and fans labeled it as boring. This storyline can be their way of redeeming themselves.

Everyone just needs to be patient for the tournament results to find out the future of the belt.

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