WWE Legend The Big Show Shows Off His Incredible Physique

The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that everyone has a lot of free time. It appears that Former WWE Champion and current actor ‘The Big Show’ Paul Wight has decided to use this time for his fitness, as he posted this video of him working out on Twitter:

In the video, the giant shows off his muscle growth on his biceps and triceps as he does a cable exercise. The caption of the posts states, “Feeling great! I’m happy to be back in the gym. TheBigShowShow on Netflix! Fit Giant.”

The caption is referencing his recent Netflix sitcom show titled ‘TheBigShowShow’ which aired on April 6 this year. In the show, the Big Man shows his average joe persona, which is a far cry from the beast in the ring we know.

The Big Show’s big body transformation

While the giant is jacked and shredded now, he wasn’t always like this. Early fans of the Big Show would recall him being a 7-foot out-of-shape giant. Show was unfit by all standards and was portrayed as a “fat bully” by the company. When in 2019 he did not show up throughout the year, everyone thought that the 47-year-old was heading towards retirement for good.

This changed on January 7, 2020. The giant shocked everyone by making his return on Raw. But everyone was more amazed at his body transformation. He looked ripped, with six-pack abs and the fury of a man who wants to pick a fight.

For the first time in his career, the Big Show wasn’t portrayed as just a big fat bully. He seemed like a warrior on a mission to help his friends in their fight.

After his return, the Big Show vanished again, only recently appearing after WrestleMania to put the new champion, Drew McIntyre, over. He was successful in doing so and went into hiding again.

No one knows when the Big man will return to the wrestling ring. He was focusing on his  Netflix series for a while and now as that is complete. Fans would just need to wait to see if Vince McMahon would make the giant a regular feature of WWE television.

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