Writer Maria Velho da Costa died

According to Margarida Gil, the award-winning novelist was physically weak, but lucid and died suddenly at home in Lisbon.

Considered one of the renewing voices of Portuguese literature since the 1960s, Maria Velho da Costa is the author of a short story, theater, but above all of the novel as works such as “Maina Mendes” (1969), “Casas Pardas” (1977) and “Myra ”(2008).

Maria Velho da Costa was also one of the co-authors, together with Maria Teresa Horta and Mara Isabel Barreno, of “Novas Cartas Portuguesas” (1972), a literary work that denounced the repression and censorship of the Estado Novo regime, which exalted the condition women and freedom of values ​​for women, and which brought the three authors a judicial process, suspended after the revolution of April 25, 1974.

Born in Lisbon in 1938, Maria Velho da Costa would turn 82 on the next 26th of June.


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