Webinar: How companies can have technology to suit them (today, at 5 pm)

We live in times of accelerating digital transformation, with many companies looking for solutions to digitize their business. From small stores that want to join online commerce to large companies that want to develop platforms internally, in a simpler and faster way.

In this Exame Informática Live, we will talk to two specialists from CGI, a great consultant specialized in presenting and developing technological solutions for their clients. José Pratas, VP of Consulting Services at CGI Portugal and Agostinho Neves, Consulting Director, will explain to us the importance of ensuring a good customer experience, what are the challenges of the digitalization processes and how companies can be more technologically independent.

You can watch it live or review it here:

Exame Informática Live weekly schedule

Monday: Science Explains

Scientists and researchers present innovations and explain scientific concepts

Tuesday: Android World

New smartphones, tablets, apps, practical tips …

Wednesday: VOLT

The latest news on electric mobility and sustainability

Thursday: Office

Tips, tricks, know how, responses to readers …

Friday: F5 – The highlights of the week

A summary of the best of the week, including presentation of the best gadgets

Note: in the case of live broadcasts, the schedule may be adjusted according to the current situation and other external variables.

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