“We Lost Ben Carter”- Miro Reveals Shocking News on Twitch Stream

Ever since AEW picked up its bags and began running, it has been recruiting former WWE Superstars to infuse star power in their own show. However, AEW’s Miro has hinted out that it may go the other way as well.

In his latest Twitch stream, the Bulgarian professional wrestler hinted out that AEW talent Ben Carter has joined WWE, following a whole lot of talk over the company’s interest in him.

As you can see in the video above, Miro mentions that Ben Carter has gone to “the dark side”. AEW has apparently lost Ben Carter and this statement of Miro confirmed it.

Ben Carter has been a hot topic. WWE is not the only company looking to reel him in with a lucrative contract. IMPACT Wrestling and AEW itself were also looking to sign Carter.

Carter seemed to be more inclined to joining AEW. He fought matches against Ricky Starks, Reece Evans, and Scorpio Sky. So what made him leave a potentially huge career in the promotion?

Ben Carter will get a lot more benefits by joining WWE

Ben Carter is soon approaching his prime. He probably wanted the best he can get. If a professional wrestler was offered a choice between a  company with decades of history and legendary wrestlers and a new promotion building itself up, the former seems like the sensible option.

Carter, being a domestic Superstar, was doing the matches for free and didn’t earn much from the revenue. However, if WWE did sign him, he will show up for NXT UK. There, he will undoubtedly be paid.

NXT UK is a brimming pot of talent that breeds the future of WWE. The sub-brand of NXT has managed to create stars like Rhea Ripley, Piper Niven, Toni Storm, and the reigning Champion Walter.

Ben Carter could find himself as part of the coming generation. He will surely fit in NXT UK and will surely make it someday to the main roster of WWE. 

On the other hand, AEW will have to count this as a major loss. This marks the first Superstar that has gone the other way. The fault to sign Ben Carter will only make them speed up their negotiations with talents in the future.

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