WATCH: “I Called the President” – Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe is well known as the host on Undisputed in today’s times. However, hardcore fans know that he had a knack of catching the attention of everyone right from his playing days. Sharpe was the 192nd overall pick at the 1990 NFL draft. He played with Denver Broncos for 10 seasons and won consecutive Super Bowls for the 1997 and 1998 seasons. However, ardent fans may remember the time he seemingly called President Clinton during a game.

Shannon Sharpe calls the President during an NFL game

He tight end picked up a telephone during a time out at Foxboro Stadium and proudly remarked to his teammates, “I called the President.”

He then proceeded to speak into the receiver, “President we need the national guard, we need as many men as you can spare, cause we are killing the Patriots. So call the dogs off. Send the national guard, please. They need emergency help. Please! Help these folks”

To the audience he said, “They’re coming. Help is on the way. Help is on the way. I promise you.”

Some of his teammates asked who he called and he emphatically replied, “The President. I called the national guard. He’s sending the national guard. Help is on the way I promise you. In ten minutes help will be here”

He jokingly answered the ringing phone and said, “okay okay we understand. He’s sending help”

Help certainly did not arrive before the final whistle as The Broncos romped home to a 34-8 victory. It was their 10th win in eleven games that season. New England certainly struggled and got onto the scoreboard only in the 2nd half. 

The Denver Broncos claimed the top seed in the AFC West that season. Unfortunately they went on to crash out in the divisional playoff to Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the team did not fade away. They went on to claim back to back Super Bowls, the next 2 seasons and visit the White House as per tradition. 

One can be sure Sharpe would have had a word with President Clinton about his phone calls to help New England.

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