Vítor Baía announces that he integrates Pinto da Costa's list to the presidency of FC Porto

The former 'dragons' goalkeeper can thus return to the club that enshrined him ten years after he left.

“It is a moment of great happiness for me. The president just made this invitation to me and I feel really honored. It is the return to a home that tells me a lot and once again I say that it is one of the happiest days of my life, to be able to return to the club I love so much. In other functions, of course, but always with the same aim and objective of being able to serve him ”, began by affirming Baía.

Vítor Baía revealed that he was invited to the vice-presidency of the club, but still left the possibility of coming to exercise other functions, namely in SAD.

“I was invited to be the club's vice president. As far as SAD is concerned … My availability is total and that is what I told our president. I left it in his hands. There is a lot to do. The most important thing is to know that it is a special moment in the club and in the country. I intend to be part of something valid that has to do with the present and the future. It is a very happy day, I left about 10 years ago, it is a return that I very much welcome and that makes me very, very happy. What I will be able to do or not do in the future will have to be our president to refer to that. I am very happy to have been invited to become vice president of the club ”, he continued.

Vítor Baía pointed out that, despite being linked to other projects, he was never “removed from FC Porto” and recalled the relationship he continues to maintain with the club.

“I was absent, but I was not absent. As you can imagine, when talking about little experience at this level, this is a huge mistake, it is pure evil. It's pure evil, because I've never been away from football and what FC Porto's life is. It is a relationship that cannot be explained, but that is here and now we have the possibility to extend that connection. My thinking is exactly the same: serving. Serve in an honest, serious way, and we can help put FC Porto on a level if possible, which is very difficult, even of higher quality, excellence than what exists at this moment, although we know it is difficult ”, added the former portista guardian.


The content Vítor Baía announces that it integrates Pinto da Costa's list to the presidency of FC Porto appears first in Visão.

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