“Um Animal Amarelo”: A bold, refreshing film by Felipe Bragança

The characters include a Brazilian who wields a magic bone, a group of Mozambicans who defecate precious stones, a Portuguese woman with a diamond heart and a fuzzy and giant yellow animal that devours human prey. It is thus, in the broad lines of an inspired surrealism, that Felipe Bragança builds this epic, spanning three continents, which leaves on the trail of the colonial past. Brazil is the port of departure and arrival.

The film follows a failed Brazilian filmmaker on a journey in search of his memories

The first gift of the film A Yellow Animal it is the prodigious imagination revealed in the script, written by Bragança, with the collaboration of João Nicolau (the Portuguese style is well noted), in which the director does not hesitate to take all the risks. The most difficult point is, in the midst of all this madness, to keep the focus and the narrative thread, not losing sight of what we are talking about. And, despite divergent moments, this is well achieved.

A Yellow Animal it is presented as a “provocative and tragicomic tropical fable”. Perhaps these words will define you. But it should be added that, when dealing with this Brazilian tropicalism, Portuguese colonialism ends up under the spotlight. And I’m glad you do. It is a bold, refreshing film, inventor of universes and languages. An allegorical diaspora that has another beautiful interpretation by Catarina Wallenstein and the Portuguese co-production of O Som ea Fúria.

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A Yellow Animal > From Felipe Bragança, with Higor Campagnaro, Isabél Zuaa, Catarina Wallenstein> 115 min.

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