Tokyo Stock Market Declines 0.18% at Closing

The second indicator, Topix, lost 0.87% to 1,563.67 at the end of the session.

With the Nikkei's descent, a week ended in a negative period in which investors had recovered their optimism due to the progressive return of economic activity in Japan, with the end, on Monday, of the state of health emergency due to the covid-19 throughout the country.

The new destabilizing factor for the markets was the approval in Beijing of the new Hong Kong security law, a move that revived protests in the former British colony and that also generated new tensions between China and the United States.

The Nikkei index reflects the unweighted average of the 225 main values ​​of the Tokyo stock exchange, while the Topix indicator groups the values ​​of the 1,600 largest listed companies.


The Tokyo Stock Exchange retreated 0.18% at the close appears first in Vision.

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