“To classes, to classes … to serve well”

As much as I want to – and believe me that I want a lot – I cannot remain indifferent to what is happening in the information blocks on our televisions.
In addition to the already tired announcement by the pivots, today “more” x people died, until the appearances of the President of the Republic in everything that is a place to express an opinion on everything, about nothing, and about anything else that he imagines and that will eventually be housed in the “cavity of delirium”, we still have to grapple with footballers and their contradictions.
So, many of us go, walking alone between what Education will be in the coming years and the National Health Service versus private hospitals, until the economic recovery and the lack of courage to give to those who do not need it.
In the midst of all this imbroglio, it is clear that the people did not know that impairments are synonymous with defaults … and they open their mouths of astonishment!
Oh, and that guys who owed millions, asked for money, gave no guarantees and went bankrupt, and whoever lent it is on the loose? Ah, but was it like that? It was all fartazana and justice doesn't want to know anything? Or rather, do the laws that emanate from the Assembly of the Republic serve no purpose? Ah, but after all, why do you pay so many deputies, if not laws, of those who “give” to arrest thieves know how to do?
Did you happen to know that Mr Madoff was arrested and in 3 months, yes 3 months, he was found guilty and collected until the end of his life? Ah, if they didn't know, they know. Because in all the cases that have passed and pass by, in Portugal, BES and BPN, for example, only Sócrates was arrested and Vara is still there!
But yes, these are “beads from another rosary”!
Come on, that's what matters, this is boring conversation!
We all suspect that the world crisis will be with us for some years to come. The mode of relationship – life – that we had until February, nobody knows when he will return.
Therefore, we need to take care of our collective future. Ours, older and younger, even though my concern is the future and not the present. Or better, the present projected into the future. So it is correct.
We will all live according to the information we are collecting, sometimes, and well, obeying, because we must all be committed to the survival of the planet.
But my biggest concern now focuses on the youngest, of school age from all grades of education. We have all realized that the new academic year – and I venture to say, the next academic years – will be completely different.
Now, if we all think so, it is natural that development proposals are presented that will allow the Ministry of Education to develop a different strategy.
Schools will not be able to have enough classrooms for all students. I do not want to believe that the discipline of Physical Education will be hindered by the eventual occupation of school gyms adapted for classrooms of other disciplines.
Now, as sport and its practice is decisive for the growth of our young people, and knowing that distance learning will be part of everyday life, it would not be possible to find a way for practitioners of the various sports, with qualities for national representations, be the subject of a different way of absorbing the teachings of teachers?
I think so, and there are organizations that can and should be heard. It would be another contribution to make everyone, clubs and sports associations feel even more part of the solution, because they were never part of the problem.
It is a wish that could come true. As? In time it will be known. So want those responsible.

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