Thousands again demonstrate against Israeli Prime Minister

The main demonstration took place in front of the prime minister’s official residence, where the demonstrators were concentrated by the thousands, about 20,000 according to the participants.

It is the biggest protest since the authorities banned the presence less than a kilometer from the building.

Since July, protesters have met every Saturday to criticize the economic and health management of the pandemic by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused of corruption.

“Minister of crime” and “We will not surrender until we resign” were some of the slogans that the protesters wielded on posters during the protest.

In Tel Aviv, many came as a family, while police reported several incidents elsewhere in the country, using tear gas and making some arrests, the authorities said in a statement.

The so-called Black Flag Movement promoted this mobilization in March due to the corruption trials Netanyahu has been targeting, and every week more and more people, especially young people unhappy with the performance of the Israeli prime minister, have gathered.

Israel is experiencing a second confinement that began to lighten this week, opening some trade.

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