These four bars in Porto take drinks home

1. Gulden Draak

With over 200 beer references on the list, most of which are of Belgian origin and exclusive (from € 5.50), Gulden Draak is an authentic beer house. With the closure in March, due to the pandemic, the bar created an online page and opened the door to home deliveries. “On the website, there is everything we have on the menu and a few more beers”, underlines Abílio Vinha, the owner.

With the opening of the online store, they also launched a card, with two options: customer (€ 30 / year) and ambassador (€ 60 / year), which guarantee an initial offer and lower prices. Orders, which can be placed on the website, via email or phone, are delivered throughout the country, except the Azores and Madeira, in just 48 hours, and are subject to a minimum of six bottles. The service fee is added to the order value, calculated according to volume and weight. The bar is still closed, but it is open takeaway. R. José Falcão, 82, Porto> T. 91 675 1359, > Mon-Fri 15h-20h

Champ’s bleeding from Baixa is available for home delivery

2. Champ’s from Baixa

The bar, on Rua da Picaria, has already reopened, but if you are not yet ready to leave the house, you can order one of the three bleeds, available for home delivery. The drink of choice at Champ’s da Baixa remains strawberry sangria, since the bar opened in 2012, next to Largo de Mompilher. In addition to the strawberry flavor, count on the port and tropical bleeds, all made with sparkling wine, which come home ready to drink, in 500 ml bottles (€ 8) or one liter (€ 15.50).

Rui Botelho and Bruno Gomes, the owners, had never thought of “bottling” sangria, but “the crisis made the business arise” that will continue and soon reach the whole country. For now, the bleeds are only available in Grande Porto (deliveries by UberEats), with no minimum order value (delivery cost € 1.50). R. da Picaria, 107, Porto> Orders T. 22 323 5254> Mon-Sun 2:30 pm-23pm

Letra G beer, the latest launch of the Vila Verde brand, is only available in the online store

3. Craft Beer Literacy

Minho Letra beer bars have reopened, but home deliveries are still available throughout the country. All references to craft beer, in 15 different styles, produced in Vila Verde, the main address of the Portuguese brand, can be ordered. Like the Letter G (€ 3.50), an imperial stout, with a lot of malt and more sweet, the last launch of the brand, available only on the website. “Online shopping is more accessible, almost at factory prices”, guarantees Filipe Macieira, one of Letra's partners.

The brand makes deliveries throughout the country, except the Azores and Madeira, subject to a minimum order of six bottles, with free shipping starting from 12 units. On the market since 2013, Letra has three bars: in Porto, Braga and Vila Verde, the latter only opens on weekends, where the takeaway service will continue to be available. Orders: > Craft Beer Garden Literature> R. da Alegria, 101, Porto> T. 22 323 5186> tues-sun 16h-23h> Literature Craft Beer Library, R. Dom Gonçalo Pereira, 35, Braga> T. 253 686 180> ter -dom 16h-23h> Literature Brewpub Vila Verde> Av. Professor Machado Vilela> T. 253 321 424> Fri-Sun 16h-23h

Golden Oldie created a menu with seven new signature cocktails, with and without alcohol, delivered at home

4. Golden Oldie

Despite remaining closed, the Golden Oldie is not standing idly by. Located next to the Bandstand of Cordoaria, in Campo Mártires da Pátria, the bar delivers signature cocktails and other drinks at home to those who live in the Greater Porto area. There is a menu of seven cocktails, with and without alcohol, created specifically for deliveries, and presented in bottles designed by Tiago Catulo. Among the suggestions, all with curious names, is Alegria (€ 7.50), with lemon liqueur, chocolate mint, Fever Tree Indian tonic; Beijo (€ 7), with bourbon milk punch, Buffalo Tace whiskey, chamomile, licorice and lemon; o Laughter (€ 6.50), with Citadelle gin, rosehips, hibiscus, prince herb and citrus solution; and Sorriso (€ 4), with mango, black tea and citrus solution. “These are ready-to-drink cocktails,” says Sara Ferro, owner, with Cristiano Losa, of the bar inspired by the 1920s. The entire process, from preparation to delivery, is handled by them.

In addition to cocktails, other drinks such as gin, vodka, beer, cider and white, red and rosé wine (€ 7 to € 27) are available for order. Deliveries are free for purchases over € 13, and are available from Matosinhos to Espinho. Exceptionally, between the 27th and the 31st of May, Golden Oldie will deliver to the Lisbon area. Orders T. 91 297 0883, e-mail: [email protected]

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