The mystery of the Armillary Sphere

There were several places that marked the life of D. Manuel I. In a video and podcast series, Isabel Stilwell takes us to know the important places for the King and that inspired his new historical novel.

5th Episode

Beja, August 1482

Few symbols are easier to
find in Portuguese architecture than the armillary sphere. It's in so many
churches and monuments of Portugal, that even a child learns early to
identify it.

It would have been here in Beja, in the
his mother, in the headquarters his “house”, that D. Manuel received from D. João II the sphere
armillary as a motto. A motto is like a life motto, and a signature.

After diplomatic “gaffes”
committed by D. Diogo, the oldest brother of D. Manuel, and which led to his
hasty departure from the Castilian court, D. João II decides to respond to Isabel's demands,
Catholic, sending him for the second time D. Manuel, a boy of 13 years, more
serene and predictable. But this time, surrounding him with an imposing entourage. THE
the trip is not enough, the Portuguese king's haste to undo the
Terçarias agreement, which kept his son and the daughter of Queen Isabel
captives in the village of Moura, but no one could prevent some from reading this
gesture a confirmation of the fate that awaited the youngest son of the house of
Viseu and Beja.

Be sure to visit the city and the magnificent Beja Regional Museum (Museu Rainha D. Leonor), in the old Convento da Conceição, where you will find many clues to better understand the life of D. Manuel.

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