The fight of “ANTÍ.GONA” invades the Carlos Alberto Theater, in Porto

The new show by the Teatro Experimental do Porto, a co-production with the Teatro Nacional São João, proposes a new look at Antigone, using the immense material written on Sophocles’ play – among others, the texts of George Steiner, Judith Butler, Slavoj Žižek and María Zambrano, but also those of Sara Uribe, Eduarda Dionísio, Júlio Dantas, Jean Anouilh or António Pedro . “Our work process started in October 2019 with an artistic residency in which a group of artists invited by TEP gathered around various texts produced from the myth of Antígona”, describes Gonçalo Amorim, the director, in the program ANTÍ.GONA (Acronym for We Don’t Still Have Images of War Where Love Is Born).

Photo: João Tuna

Issues such as democracy, citizenship, justice and human rights have acquired an urgency today that made the return to this classic of universal dramaturgy pressing. A piece with a “polysemic nature, reinforced by the creative collaboration of a multifaceted team of artists” – Cárin Geada, Carolina Dinis, Catarina Barros, Isabel Costa, Luísa Sequeira, Matilde Gandra, Marta Figueiredo, Mia Tomé, Pedro Vilela, Raquel S. , Sama and Susana Paixão. “The desire to make a rescue and transdelection de Antígona arose from the multifaceted strength that constitutes our team, which in the readings and artistic and political analysis of these materials, as well as in the variety of techniques they dominate, risked taking a position, trying once again (…) to achieve a process and a making thaumaturgists: rescuing Antígona, delighting in ideas, images, and transforming reality ”, says Gonçalo Amorim. ANTÍ.GONA in this case, it is a collective of multidisciplinary activists that seeks to end capitalism, using the proceeds of an exhibition, which can be seen in the lobby of Teatro Carlos Alberto and inside the room, to feed revolutionary actions. And in the name of the struggle, all sacrifices are possible.

ANTÍ.GONA > Carlos Alberto Theater> R. das Oliveiras, 43, Porto> T. 22 340 1910> 16-19 sep, wed-friday 9 pm, sat 7 pm> € 10

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