“Take Lomachenko Back to the Dancing School” – Teofimo Lopez Sr. Sends a Message to Vasyl Lomachenko and His Father

IBF lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez is in no mood to take his rivalry on a healthy note with unified champion Vasyl Lomachenko. Instead, he is spitting venom over the Ukranian almost every day as they are about to collide inside the ring on October 17.

Teofimo Lopez predicts to vanquish his upcoming rival with a knockout and his teammates, including his father Lopez Sr., are confident about it. That said, ‘El Brooklyn’s’ father says that they would make Lomachenko return to Ukraine after handing him a humiliating loss.


Easier said than done. It won’t be easy to take out a veteran like Vasyl Lomachenko. However, Lopez has all the chances of defeating him. The 23-year-old is still undefeated in professional boxing, and by looking at his past performances, he can offer a lot of complexities to Lomachenko in the fight.

Teofimo Lopez is confident about getting a win over Vasyl Lomachenko

In a recent interaction with Fight Hub TV, Lopez and his team revealed their game plan before heading into the high-voltage thriller. The IBF titleholder believes that they are already over with the main work, and it’s time to go out and fight.

Lopez has appeared confident about becoming the unified world lightweight champion. Talking about it,  Lopez said, “We did the hard part already, and now comes the easy part- the fight! That’s what I love to do, and that’s what I know best, so we are gonna do our part and take over.”

Unsurprisingly, Lopez Sr. jumped into the mix and mocked his son’s upcoming rival. Since Lomachenko has been a dancer in the past, the American team vowed to make him go back there.

“I am gonna tell Papachenko to take Lomachenko back to the dancing school,” Lopez Sr. said.

However, the 12-round battle will demand a lot from Lopez when the bell rings. Vasyl Lomachenko might want to take the fight to the distance. Thus, Lopez would seek for an early knockout, wasting no opportunity. For a full analysis of Lomachenko vs Lopez, click the link below.

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