Suspected double homicide of relatives in Valpaços released

The man detained on suspicion of having shot dead two family members in the shotgun on Saturday in the municipality of Valpaços, district of Vila Real, has been released, a judicial source told Lusa today.

According to the same source, given the existing evidence, the 66-year-old man was accused, subject to the lightest coercive measure, the term of identity and residence, and released during the early hours of today, after being heard by the Judiciary Police. (PJ).

The fatal victims, aged between 50 and 55, were found early Saturday afternoon shot on an agricultural land in the town of Estrada da Avarenta, parish of Carrazedo de Montenegro, where they had gone to work in the morning, after not return for lunch.

On Saturday, Lieutenant Rui Bento, from the Vila Real Command of GNR, explained that, initially, the information that the authorities had was that the victims were a couple, but that later it was confirmed that the dead were both brothers of the woman. of the suspect.

However, the GNR General Command clarified to Lusa today that the fatal victims are really a couple (husband and wife), one of them brother / sister of the suspect's wife.

On Saturday, the GNR, which carried out the arrest of the suspect of double homicide and then handed him over to the PJ, told Lusa that he did not resist arrest and that he surrendered himself to the GNR.

The military also seized a shotgun and a carbine.

During the steps taken in the meantime, the PJ concluded that none of these was the murder weapon.


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