Social network Twitter signals Trump message as apology for violence

The social network Twitter pointed out as an apology for violence a message spread by the President of the United States in which Donald Trump threatened to shoot people involved in the Minneapolis protests.

“This message violates Twitter's rules about advocating violence. However, Twitter considers that in the context of public interest this message (‘tweet’) must be accessible ”, says the social network.

In the message, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, called “bandits” to the people involved in the Minneapolis protests against the death of an African American in police custody, threatening that “when the looting begins, the shooting will begin”.

Trump's message on Twitter referred to the protests that broke out in the city of Minneapolis.

Protesters outraged over the death of George Floyd, the African American who died in police custody, stormed a police station in Minneapolis and set the scene on fire.

A Minnesota city police spokesman confirmed that the third police station, located near where Floyd died, was evacuated “in the interests of staff safety”.

The fire occurred shortly after 22:00 on Thursday (05:00 today in Lisbon).

Trump had previously claimed that Floyd's death made him feel “very bad” and that he was “shocked”.

However, the language of the President of the United States, in the usual messages via Twitter, has hardened in the last hours referring directly to the protesters.

“These 'BANDIDOS' are dishonoring George Floyd's memory and I will not let that happen,” wrote Trump.

“I just spoke to Governor Tim Waltz and told him that I can count on the military. As soon as any difficulties happen, we take control. When the pillaging begins, the shooting begins, ”wrote Trump.

The city of Minneapolis recorded another 30 fires in the past 24 hours, with looting occurring near the place where Floyd died.

On Tuesday, and for the first time, the social network Twitter marked two 'tweets' by the President of the United States with a' fact check 'link at the bottom of the messages in question, for considering it' unfounded 'and' potentially misleading ”Trump's claims related to postal voting in that country.

The Twitter warning came after Trump spread claims that he ensured that the postal vote in the November presidential elections in the United States could have fraudulent consequences.

Following Twitter's decision to signal these first messages from the President, Trump threatened to “regulate” or “shut down” social networks.

“Republicans feel that social media platforms totally censor conservative voices. We will regulate them severely, or close them, to prevent this from happening, ”said the US head of state in a message (‘ tweet ’) posted on Twitter.


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