Snacks and music on the way back to the Musa beer factory in Marvila

Between quiz sessions, music, and the return of the famous stray with culinary duels, there will be plenty of entertainment in the coming weeks at the Return to the Musa beer factory, in Marvila, Lisbon. “We have to be creative, know how to improvise, react, make things happen within the impositions”, underlines Bárbara Simões, responsible for brand communication.

So, in September, Fridays are days of On the table, with desserts joining the music of invited DJs, starting at 10 pm (requires advance reservation). This Friday, 18th, try the Stout pudding made by Tiago Cruz, to the sound of the set by Nuno Dias. On the next 25th, it will be the turn of Leonor Godinho (Musa da Bica) to taste his almond baklava, while listening to the music of Madalena Tamen.

Pedro Monteiro, resident chief of the craft brewery Musa

The stray, where the challenge is cooked, take place at weekend lunches, with the “duels” starting at 1 pm. Next Saturday and Sunday, on the 19th and 20th, chef João Caro (from O Velho Eurico) will face Pedro Monteiro (resident chef at Fábrica Musa) in a duel of skewers. The following weekend, 26 and 27, Ana da Costa (from Lotsofbutter) and her turnip patanisca with XO sauce, will face Pedro Monteiro’s cow tongue donuts.

For October, the quiz Pub Quisadilla (on the 8th) is scheduled to test knowledge about the Renaissance period, with Leonardo Da Vinci, Miguel Ângelo, Rafaelo and Donatello as protagonists. The session will be accompanied by the music of Djs Quesadilla and Luís Miranda. In this rentrée, the artisan brewery Musa promises to continue to use “creativity” to outline an active program in a pandemic time.

Musa Factory > Rua do Açúcar, 83, Lisbon> T. 21 387 7777

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