Smells of Power in the Enough

Power fascinates, captivates, attracts and gives prestige. It is like this before and after having it. And the delegates to the Chega convention only on the third day, through tears and gnashing of teeth, and threats, gave Ventura the direction and strategy he wanted. This is the typical case of a party formed by one person, which has an unexpected result in the legislatures, takes to the media and political stage, and behind it comes the ambition, the struggle for places, the desire to make history. Ventura is in love with himself, capable of crossing oceans, storms, political struggles, but he has forgotten those who do not want to miss the boat.

It is not new. It never has been, in political history. Even in Portugal, large parties of power experienced bloody internal struggles. And if Chega wanted to be anti-system so badly, it started with the worst partisan politics. As the voting intentions rise, the aspiration to be deputy mayor, chairman, regional deputy, and the entire state political chain also immediately increases. It’s another game, and Chega, as it turned out, is already climbing the trees.

We agree that it is also not very pleasant, and in view of all, the president of the 99 percent of votes – in direct – does not have the Convention completely dominated. It is a sign of some lack of control, or of too many wills and currents in one party. Growth has no pain. There is birth, but that phase is over. Ventura must, first of all, control the party and countless personal ambitions. Either you know what you want, and what you are going to, or it all becomes a mess, which has already killed many party aspirations and lives.

Chega has internal problems, and it is a problem for Portugal. Not because he was born, but because he has an extreme electorate, which after all exists, as in other countries, and the tendency is to gain ground, among those who no longer believe in the traditional system, in the swamp, as Trump called (son of this dissatisfaction and radicalization) and want extreme solutions. Left or right. This yes, it is a virus without predictable cure, that already infects many dissatisfied, irritated, extreme and homesick. And for this virus there is no group immunity.

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