Skin problems that can be symptoms of Covid-19

Some people keep their skin on fire as if they had walked on nettles. There are those who report swelling and spots on the toes. As the symptoms of Covid-19 become better known, the variety of dermatological problems experienced by patients is confirmed. But if the extra attention to be given to the feet was already known, it is now known that they are not the only skin symptom that can signal the case of having the virus. And there are rashes that can appear even after the infection is gone.

Listen to James Bradley, a plastic surgeon certified by Northwell Health, a private health entity in New York, USA, who works directly with patients hospitalized with Covid-19. It was he who reported a wide range of skin symptoms in those patients. In general, in a certain area of ​​the body.

“We have already seen skin rashes on the trunk, but also on the navel area and on the back. They are pink, dry and itchy. In other patients, usually with more severe infections, swollen and redder areas appear. However, these signs can either be caused by an immune response or by a viral manifestation. ”

He is not the only one to think so. Harold Lancer, a dermatologist certified by the same Northwell Health, also ensures that there are a number of possible skin problems that should be noted. “Pimple-like rashes, which can cause itching, are the most common. There are also red spots, as well as others that look like inflamed eczemas. ”

The explanation seems to be that the virus causes inflammation of blood vessels. And as the toes have the smallest vessels, they are most at risk. “And when they are bluish and reddish it means that there is damage”, he concludes.

Two to 20% of cases

Data collected in both Italy and China also document the same perception – 2 to 20% of those infected with Covid-19 have effects on the skin. And it is information that meets the symptoms detected in children who appeared to be developing Kawasaki disease – which causes, there is, inflammation in the blood vessels and skin rash.

But what surprised the skin specialists the most is that these symptoms appeared mainly in people who seemed to have no other signs of illness. “It may be one of the symptoms to pay attention to, when there are no others,” says Bradley, quoted by the Huffington Post. That is why, like the other specialists, it is worth calling the doctor. Whenever you notice changes.

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