Sardine fishing reopens on June 1 for two months – order

Sardine fishing, banned since October 12, will reopen from 00:00 on June 1 and until July 31, 2020, with daily and weekly limits, reveals an order published today.

The fishing authorization of the Secretary of State for Fisheries, José Apolinário, according to the order published today in Diário da República, was taken after “weighing the contributions of the interested parties represented” in the Sardine Monitoring Committee.

The sardine fishery is reopened on June 1, until 24:00 on July 31, but with the limit of discharges of catches with the art of 6,300 tons of encirclement, to be distributed among the groups of vessels whose owners or owners are members of producer organizations (POs) and those who are not recognized PO members for sardines, corresponding to each group, respectively, 6,205 tons and 95 tons.

But, the official emphasizes, it is not allowed, every day, to unload and / or sell sardines beyond the defined limits for vessels, depending on the overall length, which may include “a maximum of 540 kg (kilograms) (24 baskets) of sardine calibrated as T4, regardless of the existence of other size classes ”.

In addition to the daily limits, for each week, it is not allowed to unload and / or put on sale more sardines than the corresponding number of fishing days, each fishing period being understood as 24 hours.

“The capture, maintenance on board, unloading and sale of sardines is prohibited on all days of the national holiday”, adds the official in the dispatch, also prohibiting the unloading of sardines outside the operating hours of the auction at the discharge port, the transfer from a sardine to a net auction different from that corresponding to the port of unloading and the same vessel unloading in more than one port during each day.

In the order, the Government also defines the 22nd of June and the 17th of July for the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM) to inform POs of the quantities already used, and this directorate-general may change the limits fisheries taxes “according to the fisheries management needs and the evolution of the data” collected.

“By order of the director-general of Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services, to be advertised on the respective website, fishing is closed and the capture, maintenance on board or unloading of sardines captured with siege gear is prohibited, when vessels whose shipowners or owners are members of a PO or for vessels whose owners or owners are not members of a PO reach, respectively, the fixed limits ”, determines the governor, specifying that the catches that exceed the limit are counted in the fishing possibilities that come to be established after August 1.

The diploma also provides for the possibility of establishing a closure in real time with the closure of siege fishing, in an area centered on the place of catches, and for a minimum period of 10 days, if a percentage higher than 30% is detected by the observers. of sardine below 13 centimeters, or verified such discharge, in the same auction for three consecutive days.

Last year, sardine fishing resumed on June 3, also with management measures and defined catch limits, after having been stopped since mid-September 2018.


The Sardine Fishing content reopens on June 1 for two months – dispatch appears first in Visão.

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