PCP agenda debate on alternative policies for “for Portugal to produce”

“We want to put in this debate the questions of why Portugal should produce”, in a statement to the Lusa agency, deputy Paula Santos, parliamentary leader in communist functions, summarizes, taking into account three axes: “food sovereignty, production and employment”.

For Paula Santos, it is necessary to “ask the questions of alternative policy” to “respond to these three axes considered“ essential for the country's development ”food sovereignty, production and job creation with rights”.

The outbreak of covid-19, which was declared in March and which partially paralyzed the country in April, and the crisis that followed, “also uncovered a set of structural problems” in Portugal, and posed “added difficulties” in the economy and in “Rights and appreciation of workers' income”.

“We recently saw how important it is to produce the food we consume because in a more dramatic situation the external dependency has left us in a situation of great fragility,” he said.

For the communist deputy, it is “with the valorization of those who work” and “their income” that it is possible to “make progress”, contrary to what happened with the 'troika' period, with “cuts in wages, the reduction of support and all the divestment that was made ”in the country.

Without the Government's presence in the hemicycle – your presence is optional – deputies from all parties will discuss more than two hours in a debate that will be opened by António Filipe and closed by Paula Santos.

In the morning, there will be two street actions in Lisbon and Almada for “contact with workers”.

At the transport terminal of Cais do Sodré, at 08:00, will be the deputy Alma Rivera and on the other side of the Tagus River, Paula Santos will be at the Prague train station at 07:00.

On Tuesday, the party's general secretary, Jerónimo de Sousa, visits a wheat crop in Cadaval, Lisbon district to prepare today's debate.

If the country does not produce more, and if it does not trust “the expansion of the internal market, naturally the forecasts” of the European Commission as of Tuesday, which point to a contraction of 9.8% of GDP, “can even be aggravate ”, considered Jerónimo de Sousa.

The communist leader stressed that the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic has intensified “the need to break with this policy of dependence on the outside and to increase national production”, as a way of valuing national sovereignty.

The strategy involves “looking for other ways” besides tourism and “not pointing to this or that sector”, he said.

Jerónimo de Sousa gave the example of agriculture and, in particular, of wheat production.

“Today we only produce wheat for two weeks in an entire year, which demonstrates the foreigner's dependence on an essential good, in this case bread”, he said, stressing that “there are immense possibilities, capacities to produce here what forced us to buy abroad ”, he said.

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The PCP content agenda debate on alternative policies for “for Portugal to produce” appears first in Visão.

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