PAIGC deputies who approved Guinean government program say they are tired of political wars

The spokesman for those PAIGC deputies, Luís de Jesus, commonly known as Nené Cá, justified his position, even against the party's guidelines, in the sense of boycotting the plenary session in parliament, with the “need to unblock the country and end political wars ”.

“We are not here to serve as an obstacle to the development of this country, nor of the people. We do not want to create any kind of political blockade or instability, but rather, we are here to loyally defend the mission that the people have entrusted to us ”, observed Nené Cá.

The deputy stated that they are tired of “meaningless wars, in which there are neither winners nor losers” and that is why they decided to support the Prime Minister's Government program, Nuno Nabian.

Nené Cá considered that political wars “only serve to further delay” Guinea-Bissau and that the time has come for Guineans to evolve and take into account that politics “is a dynamic exercise”.

The PAIGC deputy said that they want Guinea-Bissau to look at least like its neighbors Senegal and Gambia, with tarmac roads and other social infrastructure.

“Senegal has areas where the highway leaves the capital to the regions, with more than 200 kilometers, we don't even have 10 kilometers of road here. Enough! ”Said Nené Cá, for whom Guinea-Bissau has, with the current Government, its“ last chance ”.

Instead of focusing on political quarrels, the PAIGC deputy asked Guineans to pay attention to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus that, he said he was killing daily, “about 30 people or more”.

“In addition to these people, there are still those who are buried in the 'tabancas' without knowing the statistics,” said the deputy, referring to the villages.

According to Nené Cá, to continue at this pace, he said, the coronavirus could kill half the Guinean population.

For all this and for not being interested in the dissolution of the parliament, as the Guinean President, Umaro Sissoco Embalo, has repeatedly threatened, in case the differences between the parties persist, Nené Cá said that they decided to support Nuno Nabian's Government program.

“I want to apologize to all the militants in our party, on behalf of my fellow deputies, for the decision we made. We know that they were not happy with us, but we think that we should end this problem in the country ”, said Nené Cá.

The deputy hopes that time will soon indicate which side the truth is on among those who have sided with the Government or those who are on the side of the PAIGC leadership.


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