Our Last Game – UC guarantees 630 thousand euros for citizenship projects and sustainable software


Two strategic partnership projects coordinated by the University of Coimbra (UC) won European funding of 630 thousand euros to promote sustainable computer software and European citizenship initiatives, under the Erasmus + program, was announced today.

One of the projects is coordinated by João Paulo Fernandes, from the Department of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCTUC) and aims to promote sustainability in the development of computer software.

The other is coordinated by Dulce Lopes, from the Faculty of Law (DDF) and aims to encourage the realization of European Citizens’ Initiatives.

Both projects are mainly formative.

The “SUSTRAINABLE – Promoting Sustainability as Fundamental Driver in Software Development Training and Education”, which brings together 10 partners, from seven countries, and which will receive around 350 thousand euros, arose from the “growing global concern with environmental sustainability issues, which it is not yet reflected in higher education curricula in the area of ​​computer engineering ”, explains João Paulo Fernandes, in a document released by UC.

“Controlling the software is crucial to reduce the increasing energy footprint of the Information and Communication Technologies systems”, explains the coordinator.

The SUSTRAINABLE project defends the introduction of all facets of sustainability as a main concern in the development of ‘software’.

“We want these factors to be an important topic in the training of computer engineers of the future”, says João Paulo Fernandes.

The project “ECI: From A to Z: European Citizens’ Initiative: A Tool for Engagement and Active Citizenship”, brings together four partners, from four countries, and will receive around 280 thousand euros.

The objective is “to involve higher education students in the production of European Citizens’ Initiatives, seeking to develop their European conscience”, explains Dulce Lopes.

“The idea is to get students to debate and group together in defense of a common European Citizens’ Initiative project [proposta legislativa que um grupo de cidadãos pode apresentar à Comissão Europeia]. They will have to find a topic that interests everyone and present it in a consolidated way ”, says the professor and researcher at DDF.

For the vice-rector of UC for External Relations and Alumni, João Nuno Calvão da Silva, winning funding for these projects presented under the Erasmus + program “confirms the excellence” of researchers and technical support services for applications and monitoring.

“In a particularly difficult year in terms of internationalization, this is another great piece of news, in line with the considerable funding guaranteed for the mobility of teachers, students and technical staff”, concludes the vice-rector.

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