Our Last Game – Opinion: Hoe in hand!

Finally, it is known that António Costa, citizen and Prime Minister, is no longer part of the Honor Committee of Luís Filipe Vieira’s candidacy.
The buzz of support was only accentuated because the country is experiencing an announced crisis. Luís Filipe Vieira reportedly has problems with justice and, not least, the national media has little news to give and transmit.
It was not for the nonsense of Trump and Bolsonaro, embodied in statements without validated scientific rigor, of the relative success in Sweden in combating COVID19, of the beginning of classes for more than a million young people who do not want to be troubled, of the difficulty of fighting fires , the high number of people infected per day, and finally, the elimination of Benfica from the Champions League, there would be little or nothing to highlight.
Even the tourism crisis will stop being news … and fashion! Of all these facts, only for Portugal are important, the high number of infected with the virus, the elimination of Benfica and the fires of Pedrógão Grande.
Despite being ethically irresponsible – at least I think so – the support of important figures of Portuguese politics to presidents of football clubs, likewise, dinners in the Assembly of the Republic between presidents of football clubs and Members will be no less. .
When such events become normal, ordinary people come to understand everything, but even everything, as “normal acts” of citizenship. And it is not true. Or rather, it shouldn’t be true.!
In fact, political power is, as it has been before, giving a bad signal to Portuguese society.
Political power – read Deputies – is not complying with the dictates of his function, which is not limited to his mandatory presence on behalf of the citizens who elected him, but above all to the serene analysis of Portuguese society.
It is the use of sport, read football, of conditioning political power, which it accesses in the name of club colors and regional affirmation. And when politicians allow themselves to be conditioned in a country, they are really hitting the bottom.
It is a bad example, they are a bad example! But it would also be necessary to be just “one, and the example”!
Correct processes, because Portugal needs just as much bread for the mouth!
They continue to give arguments to those who believe that the Assembly of the Republic elects deputies “too many” for the size of the country. Hence, another discussion would exist. But anyway. Stay for later!
In fact, an error cannot be corrected with another error … or more errors!
We need a new ethical dimension. Urgently. In which there are no dependencies of any kind. May everyone be free, consciously free, without being tied to speeches they don’t notice, in cities, towns, villages and places … everywhere!
Like it or not, there won’t be much time left for there to be a new way of doing politics, because one good thing that this new world has brought us is the faculty of nobody knowing anything about anything. Discovering is beautiful!
We all walk around feeling that the new normal is the same as the old one. Which is manifestly impossible. In speech, at work, in citizenship.
As long as we do not understand and do not change the procedures, as long as we keep tomorrow as if it were yesterday, we will be even more behind in the European and global context.
And even the ability and perseverance of the President of the European Commission will not save us!
I do not want or desire as in other times, the world was already experiencing the industrial revolution and we were still here with a hoe in our hands!

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