Our Last Game – Opinion: Global village

As I write these lines, the official count of confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Earth is about 5 million and one rate mortality 6.6%. In Portugal, the number of new cases has decreased from week to week, with 30 thousand infected today, with the country in the 26th position in the world, with a mortality rate of 4.2%. These are the numbers with which political leaders in all countries fight daily to find the best solutions for the lack of definition and the relaunch of the economy.
However, this relaunch of the economy does not depend only on the kindness of the measures already taken in the municipality or in the country, but also and, mainly, on the state of the economy of the countries with which we relate in terms of trade and, obviously, of the great world powers. . For, as we all know very well, for better or for worse, we live in a globalized economy. And, unfortunately, there are many countries where the evolution of the disease has yet to show signs of improving and, unlike us, still have strong isolation measures.
On the other hand, not knowing how the situation will evolve in the coming months and even in the coming years, whether or when there will be an effective vaccine or treatment, we do not really know what strategy will be effective. This implies that decision-makers have to have the humility to constantly adapt their options as the experience gained and scientific knowledge about this new virus evolves.
I believe that the lay-off, financial support for companies, moratoriums, support for family assistance, support for “Figueira Vale Mais”, the distribution of PPE, tax exemptions, the expansion of terraces, support for IPSS , the distribution of computers, internet and meals in schools, food and elderly and isolated support, school and sick transportation, among many other measures, have contributed to reducing the immediate impact of the pandemic on figueirense society, with the municipality already around 1 million euros spent in just 2 months. However, in order to define more structural economic measures, we will have to understand the direction of the evolution of our global village.

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