Our Last Game – opinion: Gambozination in progress

António Costa told the country that the central bloc is a gambozino, one of those that the naive gullible always seeks in vain at night. And soon Rui Rio joined António Costa and the gambozinization of the central bloc. In denying itself, the central bloc wanted to assert itself.

Costa's and Rio's desire to deny the central block is strange. If he is so gambozino, why waste time making sure he is just gambozino? I see only one explanation: in the political game they play for their constituencies, Costa and Rio want to put pressure on each other and want to put pressure on the parties on the left and on the right, respectively. Therefore, they cannot take the approach as a political scenario. It is the tactic of denial as an instrument of the strategy of affirmation.

The truth is that, since 2019, the correlation of forces in parliament and the dominant orientation in the PSD encouraged those who wanted a PS free of negotiations on the left. This also helped those who ruled out the need for written agreements between the PS and the left-wing parties. The return of the hinge party thesis was, in fact, the return of the party surrendered to the central bloc. Because António Costa – and everyone – knows that the idea that the PS governs negotiating on the right some things and on the left others is wonderful. This is a mere political game, politically unvertebrate skill.

Here, then, we are faced with a very special gambozino: he exists. It was this gambozino who ended the biweekly debates with the Prime Minister, it was this gambozino who more than doubled the minimum number of subscribers to a popular petition for it to be debated in the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic, it was this gambozino who decided that we would all pay the hole of BANIF and Novo Banco without being in charge of the administration of the said banks, it was this gambozino who decided, by law, to make the candidacies of the other parties to the local authorities difficult, it is this gambozino who stops any initiative to remove from the labor laws humiliating norms of workers.

The stridency of the PS in announcing the will to want the agreements to the left that it rejected a year ago goes hand in hand with the stridency of the qualification of the central bloc as a gambozino. But the PS's undisguised inclination to get along with Rui Rio essentially announces that it is the agreement on the left that Largo do Rato really sees as gambozino.

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