Our Last Game – Opinion – Fernando Medina defends a memorial to slavery

“The word‘ racism ’is‘ ketchup ’. It can be put on just about anything ”
Thomas Sowell, 1930

Brief introductory note: The nonagenarian mentioned in the sentence above, was a staunch critic of the victimization of the Negro, himself a Negro born and raised in the poor neighborhood of Harlem, graduated in Economics from Harvard University, doctorate from the University of Chicago, and currently a senior member from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, authoring numerous and extensive published sociological and philosophical works.
I begin by gleaning from the “Diário de Notícias”, from days ago, the following interview Fernando Medina, president of the Lisbon city council, based on one of his electoral promises to erect, in a Lisbon square, “a memorial to slavery”, during his term.
In this interview, he reveals the promise that almost coincides in time with the wild destruction of statues in various cities around the world, namely in our country of “gentle customs”, as happened with the statue of Father António Vieira perpetrated by authors connected with the extreme left in “ignorant vandalism” (Medina).
I even grant that its material authors are ignorant, but I dare not call Congresswoman Joacine Moreira (with Portuguese academic academic seal) ignorant when she constantly makes racist attacks on a Portugal that welcomed her and catapulted her into the Portuguese political firmament with economic benefits that a hint of dignity in a whirlwind of indignity would advise you to abdicate.
For his part, Mamadou Bu, another dissident of the Bloco de Esquerda, a video scholarship that publishes irrational hate speeches with the gall of accusatory libels against the country that welcomed him and gives him to eat hearty meals while a few nationals by heart and birth they are supported by crusty bread crates or the daily ration of soup for the poor!
Let us suppose, by mere hypothesis, that Portuguese of a gem, naturalized Guineans, occupying seats as deputies in the representative assembly of Guinea, had the same procedure, which aroused hatred against this African country. I leave to the care of possible readers of this text the respective conclusion that seems to me obvious and not at all creditable!
In the same way, it is impossible to overlook the offenses of this nature, moreover in a country that treats its former Overseas Combatants badly and the navigators of long ago who gave new mutes to the world, in personal verses: “'O salty sea as the your salt / They are tears of Portugal! For crossing you how many mothers wept! / How many children prayed in vain! / How many brides were left unmarried !! ”
“Last bu not least”, in our time with regard to the terrorist attack perpetrated in a village in the north of Angola (1961), in which hundreds of defenseless white and black Portuguese civilians were slaughtered, I have no knowledge of any intention to erect in their any modest symbol like the simple naming of a street or a simple alley to mark this sad and criminal ephemeris.
This tragic event lingers only, engraved in the indelible memory of those who escaped this death, had family members who lost their lives or were only aware of it through Salazar's energetic phrase that remained in history because, according to Paul Ricorur, it is a mediation between the past and the present: “For Angola, quickly and in strength”.
And so it happened!

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