Our Last Game – Opinion: Death hanged

It lies dead and the work of Bissaia Barreto rots. The exegesis, the sophistication, the culture of a time of great bosses lies dead and putrefied. Bissaia surrounded himself, like many I know, with those who never criticized him, those who feared him, with complicit silences, with those who genuflected, with those who waved with the aim of employment. The brute leadership, like the vain leadership likes sticks, chaperons, almost no-brained followers, which allow the peacock government.
After the servants there is an absence of supervision that interests them like no one else. All this to explain how dozens of successive mediocre choices condemned the work to death. Chosen hollow leaders, empty strategists, people who dream of jobs rather than chores: we saw the Centro ARS, Rovisco Pais, Maternity, Pediatric Hospital, and now Covões destined for inoperability, at the tragic end of the play. theater. Bissaya pays for his choice as the King who let himself be courted by the worst of his nobles. So it was with Prof. Cod that few already know, and now we are going to see the fall of the dream of one of Salazar's right arms.
The truth is that the school principle is made of confrontation, of discussion, of tolerance of the adversary and in his absence, all processes are condemned to the killing of the father for the projection of the child who wants to be bigger. The truth is that if the children are weak, the resulting work will be worse than the lost mastery. What we are seeing in Covões and what we had already seen in Pediatric, Maternity and we will see in Rovisco Pais, is not the improvement of the system, nor the strategic definition of the future. Chosen those committed, given the protagonism of those who silenced and silenced the workers' revolt, blurring the history with risks and crap, we were faced with this situation due to the poor design of the dark options.
The Covões hospital has holes where tables can be fitted on its roofs, walls are laden with saltpeter, and the works began with the windows in a contract that raises suspicion because no one places windows and plasterboard where the water flows in bátegas. Nobody paints damp walls. And why are works done if a solution and a path have not been designed? Yesterday they were dismantling cardiology, erasing pneumology, the surgical wards were locked. The Covões hospital like Maternity, like the old pediatric, like Lorvão, like Sobral Cid are memories hanged at the entrance of the D. Inês bridge, illuminating the vanity of “children” who made his father's death his work.
I do not want to end without public praise to the Clinical Director who now leaves us, Dr Parente, who managed to make silence his masterpiece, managed to make the absence of speech and project his magisterium, allowed everyone but him to lead the Covid moment, and supported by a President of the Council, that we will not miss him, because he managed to take the ship against the port, without buoys, without lifeboats, with an uncontrolled expense, with an incomprehensible choice of helmsmen.
At CHUC he leaves without solving the parking lot, without solving the maternity units, without solving the worst position in the benchmarking of equivalent units, without solving the expenses of the pharmacy, of individual purchases, without solving the external consultations with unacceptable times, without shame by the public leaders. alongside privates less than three kilometers away, without investigating the mismanagement of operating theaters, without explaining the disappearance of transplantation, the death of thoracic surgery, without demonstrating the advantage of millionaire wages for half a dozen, … anyway … the article would not end . Go, take the darkness in your pockets, take the bitterness that catarrasses you, the allergy to anonymity, the swamp of ideas. For me, we will tear off any headstone that praises or exalts you!

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