Our Last Game – Municipality of Figueira da Foz renews schools and reinforces investment in education

The Figueira da Foz Chamber made, for this atypical academic year, a “unique investment” in education. The amount allocated to that sector amounts to six million euros, that is, about 10 percent of the municipal budget. The reinforcement of funds includes, in addition to social support, reinforced due to the pandemic, computer equipment for schools and students.
As DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS advanced, this year, the municipality installed video cameras in each classroom of the 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary education, in case there is a need to resort to distance learning. On the other hand, the municipality will proceed with the program for the renovation of the entire school park in the municipality, started 10 years ago, which also covers secondary education establishments.
“We are in a position to award the intervention at Escola Secundária Cristina Torres and Escola das Abadias [1.º ciclo]”, Said the mayor, Carlos Monteiro, who was speaking at the council meeting. For the works to advance, budgeted at one million euros each, however, confirmation of the approval of community funds is missing, said the president of the city council.
With those interventions, and once the Bom Sucesso School Center is completed, the 2nd and 3rd cycle schools and the Bernardino Machado Secondary School are left to intervene, said the mayor. The works at the last educational establishment, which he considered a priority, are valued at five million euros. “With community funds, we will not be short of projects to improve the school park”, guaranteed Carlos Monteiro.

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