Our Last Game – Gradual resumption of trade in the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova


Thirty-eight thousand euros in the acquisition of 20 thousand masks was the most recent investment by the Condeixa-a-Nova City Council in the strategy to fight the pandemic.

The first batch of 5,500 masks has already been received and redistributed, this week, by the population, free of charge, in the parishes of Vila Seca, Zambujal, Furadouro and Anobra. A second batch will be distributed next week, and so on, as the supplier delivers.

Yesterday, during the report that DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS did in Condeixa-a-Nova to take the pulse of the deflationary process, the mayor, Nuno Moita, explained that the distribution process is being done with the collaboration of the respective boards parish, adding that at the county seat, with nine thousand residents, it will be an operation to be carried out together with the municipal services.

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