Our Last Game – GNR carries out today operation “Peso Pesado”


THE Republican National Guard today carries out an operation of inspection intensive use of transport of goods, “directing actions towards the routes most critical to their responsibility and where there is a greater volume of traffic of this type of vehicles, in order to promote road safety and compliance with legal regulations applicable to the transport of goods by road”.

According to a statement by the Guard, “the transit subunits of the Territorial Commands of the Continent and the National Traffic Unit (UNT) will be engaged, with the support of the Fiscal Action Unit (UAF), in carrying out coordinated actions to inspect vehicles affected by the freight transportation ”.

The gradual return of economic activity to its normal functioning, after the restrictions imposed in the face of the covid-19 pandemic, “will certainly lead to an increase in the circulation of goods vehicles, and the irregular practices associated with the transport of goods, in addition to being incorrect from an economic point of view, often imply situations of unfair competition, and jeopardize road safety ”, highlights GNR.

Thus, the Guard will pay special attention to: being overweight; cargo handling and transportation; outstanding goods regime; inspection; lighting and referencing; ground pollution; and not using the seat belt and / or restraint systems.

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