Our Last Game – Feared calls for the prevention of covid-19 to protect SNS

Yesterday Marta Temido appealed to everyone’s responsibility in preventing covid-19 as the “best way to protect the National Health Service” (SNS).
The Minister of Health participated in the annual irrigation ceremony of Oliveira SNS, on the anniversary of the system, which is 41 years old.
The resistance and essentiality of the public service, especially in times of pandemic, was highlighted by the participants in the session.
Inês Mesquita, representing the Regional Section of the Centro dos Ordem dos Médicos (SRCOM), said that the weaknesses of the NHS are more exposed in recent months, but, on the other hand, the unity of all health professionals without reservations allowed resistance the same. “We understand that it is Portugal’s purpose to defend the National Health Service”, he concluded.
The founder’s grandson, António Miguel Arnaut, called health professionals the “new armed forces” and praised the capacity of the NHS to “have managed to continue walking, even with the wound open”.

SNS and covid-19
The vice-president of the Municipality of Coimbra, Carlos Cidade, defended that, without the National Health Service, the country was currently “in much more difficult circumstances” before the covid-19. “We know, all is not well, but without SNS it would have been worse”, he stressed. For the mayor, the pandemic highlighted the real value of the NHS. In addition, Carlos Cidade welcomed the reception of the covid-19 patients in Covões as “a correct option that paid off”. However, he stressed that the problems that exist cannot be forgotten.

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