Our Last Game – Concerned workers and outraged campers in Cabedelo


The 10 permanent workers at the Cabedelo campsite are concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs.

In turn, the campers express indignation. The chamber maintains the administrative possession of the equipment for tomorrow, since, until yesterday, it was not cited by the court about the precautionary measure required by the concessionaire.

Some of the park workers, exploited since 1988 by the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal (FCMP), have been employed there since the beginning.

Others are more recent, but they also add up to several years of staff. Their labor rights are guaranteed, but at the moment, they fear that they will not be able to keep their jobs. So, these days, there were, among them, that they are “too young to retire and too old to get a new job”.

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