Our Last Game – Coimbra court judges man accused of domestic violence

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THE Coimbra Court begins to judge on Wednesday a 30-year-old man accused of domestic violence against his ex-partner and who has already been sentenced to a suspended sentence for the same crime against another woman.

Man, born in Miranda do Corvo, in the district of Coimbra, is accused by the Public Prosecutor of repeatedly assaulting his partner from January 2019 and until August of the same year, when the victim left the couple's house and reported the situation to the authorities.

The defendant had already been the subject of a provisional suspension by the Public Prosecutor on suspicion of committing a crime of domestic violence against another partner and was sentenced in 2017 to three years and five months in prison with a suspended sentence, also for the same crime, but against another woman and her youngest daughter, she refers to the accusation to which the Lusa agency had access.

According to the Public Ministry, the defendant lived with the victim between October 2018 and August 2019, and most of the time they lived in a residence in Semide, in the municipality of Miranda do Corvo.

The victim, who had been pregnant since June 2019, was called names like “cow” and “lowly” by her partner, who did not allow her to find work, live with friends and family or even leave the house without her permission, claims the Public Ministry (MP).

In addition to having allegedly suffered several slaps, punches and kicks during the relationship, the offended person also suffered, on several occasions, the blow called “lion kill”, with the defendant putting himself behind the victim, squeezing him her neck with her arm, trying to asphyxiate her.

According to the MP, on a certain day, the accused will have taken the victim to a forest area where there was a ravine and said: “If you ever want to hurt you, you don't have to go very far”.

After communicating the facts to the authorities, the accused was subject to electronic surveillance, and the MP said that he left the control device without battery to take advantage of that moment to leave the country, through the land border of Vilar Formoso.

The defendant is currently residing in Switzerland.

The Public Prosecutor accuses the accused of a crime of domestic violence and a crime of possession of a prohibited weapon, related to the seizure of a flashlight that could also produce an electric discharge capable of “neutralizing a person's motor capacity”, requiring a license to use and possession of a weapon.

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