Our Last Game – Cantanhede Chamber supports cultural associations with 55 thousand euros

THE Cantanhede Chamber granted a financial support of 55,100 euros to cultural associations, having provided two thirds of this aid to the folkloric and philharmonic groups in the municipality, it was announced today.

In a statement, the municipality chaired by Helena Theodosius he informs that he has given “support to musical, recreational and cultural groups and associations” with a support amounting to 55,100.40 euros, following a decision by the executive at its ordinary meeting on the 2nd.

The municipality of Cantanhede, in the district of Coimbra, says that 2020 is being “a truly exceptional year, especially due to the consequences of the pandemic” of covid-19.

“Even though the local cultural dynamics has been paralyzed, especially as a preventive and responsible measure, the activity plans of groups and collectives of musical, recreational and cultural expression remain in the expectation of being able to see their activity resumed, in line with the guidelines issued by the national health authorities ”, says the vice-president of the Chamber, Pedro Cardoso, who holds the role of culture.

For the mayor, quoted in the note, “this support takes on this exceptionality, reiterating the proactive role that the municipality has taken on with musical, recreational and cultural groups and associations.

For Helena Teodósio, it is about financial assistance “with the objective of envisioning the future and recognizing the importance that the executive attaches to the indispensable and valuable work that the associative movement – and in particular with regard to cultural activities, musical and recreational – it has instilled in the undeniable expression and cultural vitality of the municipality ”.

“The criteria that support the granting of subsidies to cultural collectives are undergoing a thorough review, with the aim of integrating other artistic expressions that until relatively recently had no great expression in our municipality and that now (…) are developing a socio-cultural role of great relevance ”, according to the City Council.

This time, there were also contemplated “associations that until now have not been eligible”.

“Thus, the philharmonic bands were allocated an amount of 17,600 euros, with 4,400 euros being allocated to each of the four” that exist in the municipality.

Music schools receive a total of 6,600.40 euros, taking into account the “290 training agents involved in this cultural process”.

The 16 associations that have theater groups were awarded a total of 6,800 euros.

By the folk groups, the Cantanhede Chamber has distributed the amount of 18,600 euros, “to support its activity of collection, preservation, promotion and ethnographic dissemination”, according to the statement.

“Associations and associations of a cultural nature that advocate other cultural expressions, such as choral music, dance, traditional and popular music, visual art and scenic art, were awarded with a support of 5,500 euros, which they too have demonstrated a extraordinary cultural contribution by the activity they regularly promote ”, he stresses.

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