Opinion: “Responding to the crisis”

Nothing could prepare us for a pandemic this dimension. If in Asian countries, there were a series of contagious diseases that forced those societies to change their form of organization for significant periods of time, in the West we have not experienced anything similar for over 100 years. Diseases such as Avian Flu or SARS, were recent examples of contagious diseases that put those states in difficult situations. For this reason, the experience gained was instrumental in responding to this pandemic.
Here, in our hemisphere, economies were not in the least prepared to respond to a crisis of this kind and shock waves are undoubtedly what will concern us in the years to come. The crisis will once again be one of the common words in our lexicon. I am sure that Europe will respond differently to this crisis. Solidarity will have to prevail in times when job destruction is not the fault of someone else's decisions or options.
At the local level, it is important to do what is within our reach. The measures approved by the City Council this week are a positive sign and will meet the needs of the local economy in the short term. However, we will have to start working as soon as possible, looking for solutions that mitigate the effects of a future economic and employment crisis.
From my point of view, the path will be to invest in projects similar to the “Mercado de Ideias”, which promote the creation of infrastructures, which encourage professionals to locate themselves in Figueira da Foz. This pandemic has shown us that many professions can be carried out through teleworking and this can be the opportunity of our municipality to become a destination for those looking to work in a place with quality of life. In fact, it is imperative to create solutions, so that young Figueirenses return to their homeland, under the risk of losing a significant part of the population if we do not do so.

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