Opinion: Contemplate the river

What do you propose to take people to Europe's square?

In my opinion column from last week, I talked about bringing Baixa to the river. I believe that this strategy will undoubtedly have to pass through Praça Europa.

The Europa Square is the figueirense version of the traditional town square that we find all over the country. At one time that was a key point in the activities promoted by the municipality for the citizens of the municipality, where the Feira das Freguesias stood out.

Since 2013, this singular importance has been practically set aside. Opening year of Praça João Ataíde, which has since become the ideal place for large popular mobilization events.

Given this reality, it is necessary to find a solution that mitigates the lack of utility that that privileged square lives in today. In my opinion, Rio assumes itself as the future path of that space. The city of Figueira da Foz is practically oblivious to the virtues of Rio.

Excluding the Marina access ramp and Praia do Forte, which have very explicit uses, Rio can only be enjoyed quietly next to the facilities of Ginásio Clube Figueirense in Fontela, with no major infrastructure in the main channel of the city. Rio. It is very urgent to solve this problem, with Praça Europa surroundings being the place where we should start.

Take the rehabilitation of Ribeira das Naus in Lisbon as an example, a space that in the past had margins very similar to those we found in our Rio. Today, they impose themselves as a space for contemplation and enjoyment of the Tagus River, with a clean and covered aspect over an extensive lawn.

Also nearby is a Lisbon landmark that could be adapted to our reality, Cais das Colunas, which I believe would fit perfectly, as a way of celebrating Rio and the unique importance that that 19th century water “road” had for the development of our city. For me, Praça Europa should be rehabilitated with the river in mind, preserving the sundial and offering citizens of Figueira da Foz a new leisure space.

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