Operation Marquis: Socrates disputes accusation

The defense of former Prime Minister José Sócrates goes to court today, during the instructional debate phase of the Operation Marquis process, to present his arguments against the prosecution.

One of the subjects of the challenge will be the distribution of the Operation Marquis process to Judge Carlos Alexandre, on September 9, 2014, a fact that has already been criticized in the request for the opening of instructions by the former Prime Minister.

For the former prime minister, the distribution of the Operation Marquis inquiry was manipulated in an “illegal and manual” manner, in violation of the principle of the natural judge.

José Sócrates is accused of three crimes of passive corruption of a politician, 16 of money laundering, nine of forgery of documents and three of qualified tax fraud.

In his testimony during the training phase, José Sócrates reiterated that the accusation is “monstrous, unjust and completely absurd”.

The prosecution maintains that Sócrates received around 34 million euros, between 2006 and 2015, in exchange for favoring the interests of ex-banker Ricardo Salgado in Grupo Espírito Santos and PT, as well as for guaranteeing the financing of Caixa Geral de Deposits to the Vale do Lobo enterprise, in the Algarve, and to favor Lena Group business.

The Public Prosecutor's Office charged 28 defendants, 19 people and nine companies, a total of 188 crimes.


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