OE2020: Approved proposals to reduce daycare fees

The proposals were approved within the scope of the discussion and vote on the specialty of the Supplementary State Budget proposal, with the PS voting against.

The measures defended by the two parties contain some differences between them, with the Left Bloc proposing a reduction in daycare fees in proportion to the loss of income for families faced with a loss of income by at least 20% since the beginning of the pandemic.

In addition, the BE proposal states that no child can lose the place in the daycare that he / she attends because of possible non-payment of the monthly fees due in the recommended or mandatory confinement period, particularly when a family is faced with income shortages.

BE further argues that during the period of the closure of daycare centers and kindergartens, food and transport costs and extensions cannot be charged, and that the State guarantees support for the payment of operating expenses and salaries for daycare staff in this area. exceptional phase.

This support is conditioned to the absence of redundancies or the use of lay-off support.

The PCP proposal, which was also approved, points to a review of the value of the family contribution in the areas of support for children “whose activities have been or are suspended”. This review is carried out at the request of the families.

The measure also foresees that in this review process the income earned by the household since March 1, 2020 is considered, to define the per capita income.

The proposal also contemplates the elaboration of a payment plan for families that have unpaid tuition and prohibits the cancellation of enrollments or the collection of penalties or interest due to the lack or delay in payment of tuition fees.

The Government had already determined that Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) and others review the monthly fees to be paid by families that attend social responses according to the most recent income of the household.

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