New leader of PS / Madeira says he will be “always against” the centralism of the State

“We will always be against a centralist state that will diminish the autonomies”, declared at the end of the XIX regional congress of the PS, in Funchal, in which it was confirmed tenth president of the party in the region, after having been elected in July, in interns in which was the only candidate.

Its global strategy motion, the only one presented to the 300 delegates, entitled “Advancing Madeira for the people”, was unanimously approved.

“We will be against [o centralismo do Estado], but we will also be confident that the Government of the Republic, led by the PS, considers the autonomous regions as a national priority in this phase of recovery that we face ”, he reinforced.

Paulo Cafôfo said that his political project aims to boost an economic and social transformation in the region, as he considers that the PSD, which has governed the archipelago since 1976, “failed” in the issue of equality and the creation of opportunities.

“Forty-six years after April 25 and after many millions spent on investments, some of them unnecessary, there is a number that bothers me, a number that already existed before any virus: we have 81,000 people at risk of poverty in the region” , he warned.

The new leader of PS / Madeira assured that the party has “answers to change the region” and “proposals for a different future”, pointing out the social-democrat Miguel Albuquerque, who heads the PSD / CDS-PP coalition executive, as a “President at the end of the line”.

Paulo Cafôfo said he intended, on the other hand, to transform the challenge posed by the covid-19 pandemic into an opportunity to change the region, guaranteeing more opportunities, more transparency and unprivileged governance, which is why he has already defined an agenda based on five pillars: qualification, environment, diversification of the economy, regional production and infrastructure modernization.

“I can now announce that one of the first practical consequences of this agenda will be formalized next week, when the PS / Madeira parliamentary group presents a draft legislative decree to the Regional Assembly that creates a special program to support companies, in the scope of the covid-19 pandemic, ”he announced.

The objective is to provide 165 million euros in non-refundable funds.

Paulo Cafôfo referred, on the other hand, to the municipal elections of 2021, indicating that the PS intends to keep the four municipalities where it governs and to increase the number of elected.

The new socialist president said that, in the municipalities where he is opposed, he will present “candidates recognized by the population” and “bold projects”, being also available to evaluate pre-electoral coalitions, as in Funchal (Coliança Confiança – PS / BE / PDR / We, Citizens!).


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