Minister of Education announces 125 ME to reinforce human resources in schools

The Minister of Education announced today an investment of 125 million euros for the reinforcement of human resources in educational establishments, with the aim of facilitating the recovery work of the 3rd period.

“We currently have a financial package with a global value of 125 million euros so that we can strengthen our schools, mainly with human resources,” said Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, during a regular hearing at the Education, Science, Youth and Sports Commission.

According to the minister, the amount is intended for hiring teachers, but also for non-teaching staff and specialized technicians.

The hiring of these specialized technicians, which include social workers, psychologists and mediators, is part of a personal, social and community development program, which allows to mitigate the problems associated with failure and school dropout.

In addition to reinforcing the teaching teams, which will mainly serve to facilitate the work of recovering the learning that was not consolidated during the 3rd period, the Minister of Education also announced the reinforcement of the specific tutorial support program and the hourly credit available to schools .

In relation to tutorial support, this program will be extended to secondary education and will also include a set of students, identified by multidisciplinary inclusive education teams, who have not been regularly monitored during the 3rd period.

The hourly credit, on the other hand, will be reinforced, according to the tutelage, by more than 25%, so that schools can dedicate to support and assistance, and that it also allows them to ensure possible splits of classes throughout the school year.

“The first five weeks will be particularly dedicated to the recovery and consolidation of learning, allowing to overcome a set of possible gaps resulting from learning difficulties, but will be supplemented throughout the school year with the significant reinforcement of hourly credit and support specific tutorial ”, underlined the minister.


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