Migration: Thousands protest in Germany to ask the EU for help from Moria refugees

The protesters were accompanied in Berlin by the aunt of Alan Kurdi, the Syrian refugee boy who drowned on a Turkish beach and who became a tragic symbol of the refugee crisis in 2015.

The photos of his body by the sea shocked the entire world and made it possible to raise awareness about refugees from the war in Syria.

“I decided to speak and express myself on behalf of those who cannot do it themselves … If I cannot save my own family, we will save the lives of others,” said Tima Kurdi, calling on citizens to write to policy makers to tell them ask them to take action.

“We cannot close our eyes and turn our backs on them,” he added.

Sonya Bobrik, an activist for the Seebruecke organization, said there was “enough space in Germany” to accommodate more than 1,500 refugees from those currently in Greece and whom Berlin has promised to take care of.

According to the police, about 5,000 people took part in the Berlin demonstration, but other protests took place in the cities of Cologne, Munich and Leipzig.

About 12,700 people were left homeless after the fires that destroyed the Moria camp last week.

Among these asylum seekers, 9,000 were installed in a new temporary camp.

Completely destroyed by a fire that took place between September 8 and 9, the former Moria camp, where violence, thefts and clashes were rife – at least seven migrants died in that clash in 2020 – began to be demolished on Friday. fair, five years after it was erected.

Six young Afghans are suspected of being involved in the disaster, four of whom were indicted in Lesbos for arson, inciting violence and illegal use of force.

Two other 17-year-old suspects had already been transferred to the continent in a group of 400 unaccompanied minors from Moria, but will be referred to the prosecutor’s office at a later date, a judicial source said.


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