Message VI – Giving new worlds to the world – Covid-19

Here I leave the answers to the questions I asked last week. Rather, I explain that the lymphatic system is the police of the human and animal bodies. It is the defense system, the service of foreigners and borders, that prevents the ill-behaved from entering. Only by sneaking can they do wrong. He and the lymph are the informers and the policemen that protect, that is, antigens from the bandits, which leads to the creation of antibodies.

As for the answers, cutaneous and ocular melanomas do not have lymphatics, so they have no defenses. The same is true with sarcomas, bone tumors. Those with a lymphatic system are the police.

In my doctoral thesis, this was demonstrated. The digestive system and lungs have lymphatic systems, they have defense. As a result, they have information for the immune brain to give orders for the creation of antibodies, an army capable of defeating or neutralizing aggressors.

Hence the auto-bloods that carry the virus start the defense and meanwhile treat it as if it were the usual flu in which a vaccine is always useful to keep the lymphatic system alert.

In my time, even milk proteins, called Leucigon, were used to raise the alert of policing. And it worked. But, in addition, in defense of this alert and its support or demonstration, I believe that bovine parapneumonia is the equivalent of human flu.

Appealing to memory, when I was 10 years old there, in Angola, Cassonge, where my father had a shop (rest assured he was not a Masonic) and where my mother was a primary school teacher, we had a farm with around 100 to 150 animals. It occurred to me that what was called a mancanha appeared. My father was informed and he immediately asked the Boers, white refugees in South Africa, to be expelled by the English. These came with the cattle to settle, in the anhara (plain of great extension with water), in Cassongue, because of the war.

They treated the mancha by opening the breast of a dead cow and grazed the cows' tails and the liquid or mucus taken from the diseased lungs rubbed or went through longitudinal scarifications made on the tails of the cattle. It was still necessary to cauterize the tail of two or three cows by infection with a red iron, but they healed and were not allowed to die.

In Mozambique I have shown that this method works even for cancer, whatever the type. See the covid-19 etiopathogenesis in the previous article.

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