Matt James Says He “Couldn’t Be More Excited” to Tell “Diverse” Love Stories on The Bachelor

Matt James is ready to fall in love.

The 28-year-old was recently announced as the first Black man to take on the role of The Bachelor, and while it’s been less than a month since the historic announcement was made, his life as he knows it is already starting to change.

Matt told host Chris Harrison during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons—Ever!, “I’ve heard from a lot of my Black friends that aren’t Bachelor Nation faithful that are excited about me and honored by the position I’m in.” He noted that this is the first time Black people and other persons of color will be able to witness “diverse relationships” unfold on the ABC series.

“I couldn’t be more excited about that,” he shared. 

Matt also joked that different acquaintances have been coming out of the woodwork to congratulate him on the casting decision, including his third-grade teacher. The reality star quipped, “I hadn’t heard from her since I missed my book report. So, there’s people coming from all over the place to share their excitement. And it’s been nice.”

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