Macau government expresses “strong support” for Beijing-approved Hong Kong law

In a statement, the authorities of the Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) consider that “this measure is extremely important for Hong Kong's social stability”, which also benefits from a semi-autonomous status, similar to the former territory administered by Portugal.

“The defense of national security guarantees the country's long-term stability, as well as the prosperity and stability of the two special administrative regions, and is therefore a natural requirement, covering the duties of all Chinese people, including the compatriots of Hong Kong and Macau ”, can be read in the same note released Tuesday night.

The Government of Macau concluded, in early 2009, the legislation for the maintenance of national security and in 2018 the MSAR State Security Defense Commission was created, the authorities recalled.

“Without state security, there will be no security in special administrative regions” and, therefore, “Macau will, on the basis of existing bases, improve legislation in this area”, the text emphasized.

Finally, the Government led by Ho Iat Seng stressed that in this way and “with the guarantee of a high degree of autonomy for the MSAR and its judicial independence, the fundamental rights and freedoms of residents are further protected, while maintaining social stability. , economic prosperity, and a peaceful lifestyle with joy at work ”.

The vice president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and former head of the Macau Government, Edmund Ho, also expressed his support for the new legislation imposed on Hong Kong, in a note released minutes later by the authorities.

“Persevering, defending and supporting the law on the defense of the security of the State of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is a fundamental strategy to help that region get out of its confused and difficult situation and achieve stability. , in the long run ”, defended Ho.

“This important law came to fill legal gaps and reinforce areas where the regime was weak, clearly defining the limit that cannot be crossed in terms of national security, becoming a strong deterrent to criminal acts that endanger national security, guaranteeing the security of most citizens (…) and the rights and freedoms they enjoy under the law, as it will help Hong Kong to return to normality ”, concluded the first chief executive of Macau.

The new national security law passed by Beijing is “the most important event” for Hong Kong since the transfer of sovereignty to China in 1997, also defended today the chief executive of the semi-autonomous territory.

Enacted Tuesday by Chinese President Xi Jinping, after being adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Assembly, the new law allows punishing four types of crimes against state security: subversive activities, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces that put national security is at risk.

The legislation enacted on Tuesday by Beijing allows punishing separatist, “terrorist” activities, subversion or even foreign interference in Hong Kong, the scene of violent pro-democracy protests in 2019, which resulted in more than nine thousand arrests.

Crimes against national security are now subject to life imprisonment in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 under an agreement that guaranteed the territory 50 years of autonomy and freedoms unknown to the rest of the country, under the “One country, two systems” principle.

As with Macau since 1999, Hong Kong has agreed a 50-year period with a high degree of autonomy, at the executive, legislative and judicial level, with the central Chinese government being responsible for foreign relations and defense.


The Government of Macau content expresses “strong support” for the law passed by Beijing to Hong Kong appears first in Vision.

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