Luxembourg Museum exhibits collective show with artists Ana Manso and Pedro Cabrita Reis

The Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) in Luxembourg will present, from June 11, the exhibition “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, with pieces from its own collection, which include works by the Portuguese Ana Manso and Pedro Cabrita Reis.

In a statement about the exhibition “I, Family: Portrait of a Young Planet”, which would be one of the highlights of this year's program and which has now become a digital project due to the impact of covid-19, MUDAM announced this show that “borrows the title to a painting by Peter Halley ('Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow', in the original), from the museum's collection ”.

“This presentation of large installations and emblematic works from the MUDAM collection opens at a time when it has become a common place to say that 'nothing will be like before'”, the statement reads, which sends more information about the exhibition soon.

For the time being, the museum has revealed that the exhibition, which will be displayed in different spaces of the institution, will be curated by Lisa Baldelli, Nelly Taravel, Marie-Noëlle Farcy and Michelle Cotton.

The list of artists represented, still subject to change, includes the Portuguese Ana Manso and Pedro Cabrita Reis, in addition to the Brazilian based in Portugal Adriano Amaral.

Additionally, the institution run by the former director of the Serralves Museum will exhibit Richard Deacon, Edith Dekyndt, Helmut Federle, Liam Gillick, Peter Halley, Imi Knoebel, Christian Marclay, Fiona Rae, Albert Oehlen, Bruno Peinado, Bernard Piffaretti, Thomas Scheibitz, Julian Schnabel, Fiona Tan, Bert Theis and David Zink Yi.

MUDAM reopened to the public on May 11, with the imposition of the use of masks and social distance.


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