Lisbon Book Fair maintains sales volume with fewer visitors – APEL

The volume of sales at the Lisbon Book Fair this year was similar to that of the last two editions, although the influx of visitors has halved, according to estimates by the Portuguese Association of Editors and Booksellers (APEL).

The drop in the number of visitors still exceeded APEL’s expectations, within what would be expected, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“As it is not possible to determine final numbers, but only trends, we know that, in general, the sales volume will have been translated into values ​​close to those of the last two editions”, says APEL, specifying what publishers and booksellers saw in this edition of book fair some revival of the market.

For this reason, the association makes a “markedly positive assessment of the 90th edition of the Lisbon Book Fair”, and underlines that “the general feeling is that the event was a sign of hope, motivating the sector and giving a special encouragement to publishers and booksellers ”.

With regard to affluence, APEL speaks of “pleasant surprise”, since receiving about half of the visitors from previous editions “is very positive and reflects the desire and lack that people already felt of these initiatives, demonstrating that it is possible to carry them out and attend them safely ”.

In this context, it also highlights the “exemplary behavior of visitors”, in complying with the measures imposed by the pandemic, both with regard to the permanent use of a mask, as well as the frequent disinfection of the hands and maintenance of social distance.

The Lisbon Book Fair, which takes place every year in Parque Eduardo VII between May and June, was this year postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic, having been held in the same space between August 27 and September 13.


Lisbon Book Fair content maintains sales volume with fewer visitors – APEL appears first in Visão.

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