: Lady Gaga On Why She Viewed Her Alter-Ego as Her “Biggest Enemy”

In a candid new interview with CBS correspondent Lee Cowan, Lady Gaga revealed the resentment she had towards fame which fueled the writing of her album Chromatica.

Speaking about the dark lyrics on her latest studio album, released May 29, Gaga shared that they all came from a time in her life when she wasn’t sure she made the right decision in becoming a famous performer.

“I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up,” Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, explained. At one point, she even pushed back against the music she created.

“I [was] looking at [my] piano, and thinking, ‘You ruined my life.’ During that time, I was like, ‘You made me Lady Gaga. My biggest enemy is Lady Gaga.’ That’s what I was thinking: My biggest enemy is her,'” she explained.

Gaga said she felt particularly trapped by how being famous robbed her of personal moments.

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