“I’m Teaching You How to Be a Champion!”- Charlotte Flair Makes a Huge Statement on SmackDown

WWE Superstar and NXT Women’s Champion ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair faced off against SmackDown Women’s champion Bayley. This was a matchup that was anticipated since last week.

Both Superstars had come up the ranks at NXT around the same time. They were both part of the four horsewomen with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. It is only fitting and poetic that their friendship has become a feud now. 

The two champions had a storied history, which came to fruition in their most recent match. Flair railed on Bayley and Sasha Banks. She tried to get into Banks’s head by asking if she was content with being an afterthought.

Since Becky Lynch’s absence from the WWE due to her pregnancy, the door is wide open for some Superstar to take the mantle. Many contenders could replace Becky, but Charlotte Flair stands at the front of the pack. Bayley could also be lifted to become the face of the WWE, but that’s only if her competitors back away quietly, which they won’t.

Charlotte Flair and Bayley revisit old demons.

Bayley decided to go out into the ring without her best friend Banks, as she was mindful of how weak that may look. Flair and Bayley locked horns in an intense and grueling match on SmackDown. Both traded blows multiple times, getting visibly sluggish with each strike. Flair tried some of her dirty tactics, using the ropes to try to pin Bayley, who kicked out anyway. 

“Where’s Sasha huh!” The Queen was evidently aggressive and angry during the bout, screaming at Bayley and calling out Sasha Banks at the same time. “Levels Bayley, levels, I’m teaching you how to be a champion!” Flair shouted during the match, riling up Bayley in the process.

Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha and Becky formed the four Horsewomen

“Come on Champ!, Come on SmackDown!” Charlotte further taunted, heating up the tension near the end of the match. Bayley eventually regained her footing and started throwing some punishment at the NXT Champion. “This is how we do it on SmackDown,” she said, as she caught Flair in a choke.

Bayley eventually reversed a pin attempt by Flair, using the ropes as leverage to pin The Queen, and walked away with the win.

Charlotte stood in the ring with a bloody smile, as she had been beaten by one of her own dirty tactics.

With this ongoing feud and Asuka’s reign as RAW Women’s Champion, we may have a new face of the WWE soon enough.


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